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Hickory Run Engagement Session | Myrissa + Kai

We are so obsessed with Hickory Run State Park as an elopement and engagement photo location. We love how versatile this session was and how it shows off so much variety in nature. This is the perfect Poconos elopement location and more information on how to elope here can be found in our Where to elope in the Poconos blog, or on their website here.

Myrissa + Kai brought their sweet pups to the session so they could get a couple of images with them before passing them off to a friend so we could finish their session with a bit more adventure. We always recommend couples bringing someone to take their pups so we can split the session, or if your dogs are just not being super cooperative there is someone else there to help! If not, Dan is often at sessions and loves to be the pet wrangler when it is time for photos of just the two of you.

After some sweet pup photos by the lake, we ventured into the woods a bit further and were amazed by the "Hobbit"- like views with the moss-covered woods and little river. It was truly stunning and the perfect place for the couple to practice their first dance.

The best part about exploring Hickory Run State Park is that couples can explore multiple types of scenery within a quick walk or drive. After we explored these woods were able to walk over to a beautiful field and some woods with golden light for some new scenery before heading to the boulder field.

Our final stop of the day was the boulder field at Hickory Run. We love that this location is so unique and if you can schedule your session on a weekday it is often pretty empty! If you are looking for a versatile location for your elopement or engagement session we always recommend Hickory Run as it has so much to offer. Looking to find out more about how we can help plan your day at Hickory Run or your weekend in the Poconos contact us here!

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