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Where to elope in the Poconos

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

where to elope in the poconos
Kasie Romagno Photo

Eloping in the Pocono Mountains is an awesome way to share your love for adventure and nature while staying close to home. We love the locations below because they allow you to celebrate your love, in nature. While some spots are perfect for a hiking/adventurous elopement, other spots are a quick walk from the parking lot, and there are a lot of spots that are perfect for a mirco-wedding with your closest family and friends.

The Poconos have plenty of versatile scenery from mountains, to wildflower fields, to forest areas and there are so many perfect spots for an intimate elopement. We are going to share here 5 of our favorites, but pride ourselves on helping each couple find their perfect location. Many of our elopement locations are not well known spots, but instead areas the couple will be able to find time alone to enjoy this special occasion quietly.

1. Promise Ridge

where to elope in the poconos
Sarah Brookhart Photo

Promise ridge is an incredible intimate wedding venue with the award winning celebrant Alisa Tongg. They specialize in micro-weddings and elopements at this venue overlooking the Pocono Mountains.

The venues top highlights are the living wall featured above, incredible overlook of the mountains, intimate reception dinner space, and open air dance floor.

This venue hosts 2-20 people and you can find more information on this location here!

Considering Promise Ridge as your venue? We offer discounts off of our elopement packages as this spot is practically in our backyard :) Inquire for more information here!

2. Mt. Tammany Hiking Elopement

where to elope in the poconos
Kasie Romagno Photo

Mt. Tammany is a hiking trail in the Delaware Water Gap that features breathtaking overlooks and woodsy trails perfect for the adventurous couples. With just a short 30 minute hike you can be reaching views like this with plenty of stops along the way for picnics, first looks, first dances, etc. You can read more about it here.

We love the location of this trail not just for its natural beauty, but it's convenience. Within 10 minutes of the trail you can be back in town for a brewery stop or a visit to the apple pie bakery for their famous apple pie and a hot dog combo.

For more information on Mt. Tammany Trail elopements and permitting you can reach out to us directly! we love to help couples plan for their day and this is a location we are obsessed with.

3. Hickory Run State Park

where to elope in the poconos
Mae & Co

Hickory Run State Park is such an incredible location for elopements because of the large variety of scenery. From forests, to waterfalls, to their field of boulders there is so much opportunity for variety within a quick walk or drive. You can check out the variety of locations on their state park listing.

This location also has a small chapel for micro-weddings which you can see here.

4. Big Pocono State Park

were to elope in the poconos
Kasie Romagno Photo

Big Pocono State Park is the perfect location for many out of town couples as it is centrally located to many of the Poconos Resorts. It is at the top of Camelback mountains ski resort and overlooks the entire town.

If you are looking for a golden glow in your photos this location is above the trees and can absolutely give you gorgeous sunsets and golden glows. Check out our golden hour Poconos elopement blog at Big Pocono State Park for inspiration.

Want to learn more about Big Pocono State Park see the details here.

5. The French Manor

where to elope in the poconos
Katherine Hunter Celebrant

This location is a lesser known gem. Such gorgeous grounds for photos, a beautiful overlook with private deck for ceremonies, and they even have elopement packages that roll all your needs into one simple package. Fresh made cakes, 2 night stays, wildflower bouquets, etc. For more on their elopement package you can check out their website!

We love how unique this venue is and the beautiful grounds are perfect for someone looking to highlight the Pocono Mountains in their elopement.

Looking for other places to elope in Pennsylvania?

We love how many options you have for elopements in the Poconos, but if that's not your preferred location we are happy to help you find one closer to home. Simply, fill out our contact form here!

Ready to elope in Pennsylvania and don't know how?

Check out our blog all about how to elope in Pennsylvania here!


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